> Services

> Breakfast

Local biscuits and cakes

Graden fruits

Coffee, juice, tea, infusions

Eggs, ham, tapas, cheese

Aviable: electric cooker, kettle, cooker, coffee maker, eggs cooker.

> Pool

Beach chair, sun bed, beach umbrella

Beach toys

Beach towel (additional)

Kolor beach bag (ask more)

> Garden

Table, chairs and sofa 

Sage, mint, thyme, lavender, oregano, chives, cydrus, laurel, arugula

Fig, medlar tree, mulberry, pomegranate, orange, strawberry, tilia

Hortus: strawberry, tomato, fava

> Extra

Internet wifi


Daily cleaning

Maps and info

Luggage storage


>Via Marcello Chiatante 73100 Lecce, Puglia Italia

>info@kolorbeb.com +39 3457771503

> maps

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